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Land Bank

Board Members

  • Timothy M. Novak - Chairman
  • Dennis Browning - Vice Chairman
  • Dave Adams - Secretary
  • Timothy Braun - Treasurer
  • Lisa Coney
  • Cassi Zimmerman
  • John Sangster

Properties for Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Land Bank get its properties?

Nearly all of the property owned by the Land Bank is acquired through property tax foreclosure. When tax foreclosed properties are not sold at public auction, they typically end up owned by the Land Bank.

How much will the tax bill be on property I purchase?

The Land Bank does not assess your property taxes, and cannot provide you with an estimate of what your future tax bills might be. Any questions regarding future tax bills should be directed to the assessor of the City or Township in which the property is located.

Can I combine a property I purchase with property I already own?

For the first five years after purchase, property purchased from the Land Bank cannot be combined with another property.

The Land Bank owns a property that is not listed on your sale list. Can I still apply to purchase that property?

You can submit an application for other properties the Land Bank owns, but there may be a reason it was not listed for sale. The Land Bank is not required to sell all properties it owns, and may withhold properties from sale at the Land Bank manager’s discretion.

What can I do with property I purchase? Can I build on it?

Any questions regarding future use of property should be directed to the City or Township in which the property is located. The Land Bank has no control over land use or zoning restrictions, and it is your responsibility to verify that your intended use of the property will be permitted by local regulations.

The Land Bank owns an empty lot next to the house I rent. Can I purchase the empty lot?

The Land Bank does not sell vacant lots to renters, as you may end up owning a lot next to a house you no longer rent. You should contact your landlord to see if they would be willing to purchase the empty lot.

Contact Us

Timothy M. Novak, Treasurer
Jana Barry, Deputy Treasurer
Kelley Severs, Chief Deputy Treasurer

111 South Michigan Avenue, Room 107
Saginaw, MI 48602
Phone: (989) 792-6029